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Subject[PATCHSET] 2.6.13-git12-bird1
Patchset moved to -git12.  News:
* playing catch-up with spinlock changes (m68k build got broken)
* playing catch-up with kbuild changes (arm, uml)
* usual assorted build fixes
* assorted sparse annotations
* beginning of endianness annotations merge: RPC patches from Alexey
* beginning of linux/irq.h work

Patch is in usual place. Patch itself is patch-2.6.13-git12-bird1.bz2,
splitup is in patchset/, logs in logs/*/*log21c.

Shortlog follows.

Alexey Dobriyan:
* sunrpc endianness annotations
* lockd endianness annotations
* nfs endianness annotations
Russell King:
* assorted arm annotations
Al Viro:
* C99 initializers (ray_cs)
* OUTPUT_ARCH() on ppc should be powerpc:common
* UML early build sanitized
* __iomem annotations (epca)
* __iomem annotations (i810-i2c)
* __iomem annotations (sata_promise)
* __iomem annotations (sata_sil)
* __iomem annotations (sata_vsc)
* __user annotations (saa6588)
* beginning of linux/irq.h cleanup - amd64
* bogus casts in lne390
* cyblafb: portability fixes, sanitized work with pointers
* fixed dependency in early arm build
* ibm_emac annotations
* missing include (cs89x0)
* s2io: use %p, damnit...
* sparc exports: no more wanking with weak aliases for .div
* trivial sparse warnings in net/*
* uml kconfig sanitized around drivers/net
* updated m68k to include LOCK_TEXT
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