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SubjectRe: [RFC][PATCH 1/2] i386: consolidate discontig functions into normal ones
Dave Hansen wrote:

>There are quite a few functions in i386's discontig.c which are
>actually NUMA-specific, not discontigmem. They are also very
>similar to the generic, flat functions found in setup.c.
>This patch takes the versions in setup.c and makes them work
>for both NUMA and non-NUMA cases. In the process, quite a
>few nasty #ifdef and externs can be removed.
>One of the main mechanisms to do this is that highstart_pfn
>and highend_pfn are now gone, replaced by node_start/end_pfn[].
>However, this has no real impact on storage space, because
>those arrays are declared with a length of MAX_NUMNODES, which
>is 1 when NUMA is off.
I think you allocate remap pages for nothing in the flatmem case for
node0...those aren't used for the mem map in !NUMA.


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