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SubjectRe: [2/3] {PREFIX:-x86_64}: Convert mempolicies to nodemask_t
On Monday 12 September 2005 11:26, Paul Jackson wrote:
> Andi wrote:
> > Convert mempolicies to nodemask_t

Thanks for the review.

> 1) Can the include of 'linux/bitmap.h' be removed from the file
> linux/include/linux/mempolicy.h?


> 2) /* AK: shouldn't this error out instead? */
I'll leave this to you.

> 3) Either this current patch of Andi's, or the patch considered for (2)
> above should also convert whatever kernel/cpuset.c call the mempolicy.c
> code is making from bitmaps to nodemasks, rather than convert to
> bitmaps across the boundary:
> cpuset_restrict_to_mems_allowed(nodes_addr(*nodes));
Leaving this to you too

(BTW I have one patch for cpusets pending to improve the fast path,
need to test it a little bit more before sending off though)

> 4) Should the following line:
> + PDprintk("setting mode %d nodes[0] %lx\n", mode, nodes_addr(nodes)[0]);
> instead be:
> + PDprintk("setting mode %d nodes[0] %lx\n", mode, nodes_addr(*nodes)[0]);

> 5) If anyone ever (even for debugging) adds something to the nodemask_t

> 6) How come I don't see changes for the 'compat_sys_get_mempolicy()'
> routine?

Because it doesn't work with nodemask_ts, but only with variable length
user buffers.

> 7) Do -not- add one for the next node in interleave_nodes():
Fixed (+ 8)

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