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SubjectRe: [GIT PATCHES] final kbuild update before fix-only period
On Sunday 11 September 2005 17:00, Sam Ravnborg wrote:
> > BUG()s etc which are using __FILE__ to get source filename
> > print horribly long names like
> >
> > /.share/usr/src2/kernel/linux-2.6.13-mm2.src/drivers/net/.../some.c
> >
> > if one builds kernel in separate object dir.
> > This is ugly and wastes space in kernel image. Any ideas how to fix this?
> I have once experimenting with this on request from Olaf.
> The only way I could fine was to pass a new define:
> -DKBUILD_FILE='short-file-name' to gcc.
> This has the sideeffect that we always accuse the main .c file for
> being the culprint.
> gcc warns if we override __FILE__
> __FILE__ is used in 123 files of wich 26 is within arch/
> so it will take a while to change...

I think the worst offender is BUG/BUG_ON():

# grep -r BUG . | grep -v DEBUG | wc -l

~5000 copies of "/.share/usr/src2/kernel/linux-2.6.13-mm2.src" string
in my kernel??! That's not funny...

> I can cook up something if there is interest.

/me is interested.
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