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SubjectRe: [patch] x86: fix ESP corruption CPU bug (take 2)
>>> Stas Sergeev <> 11.09.05 16:02:24 >>>
>Jan Beulich wrote:
>> mainline, but I just now came across this, and following all of the
>> original discussion that I was able to locate I didn't see any
>> of a potential different approach to solving the problem which, as
>There were at least 3 fundamentally different
>approaches proposed by different people, I implemented
>and posted all of them. At least 2 approaches were
>publically discussed. Both did what you say. The
>one that didn't, wasn't publically discussed either
>(the one that ended up in 2.6.12, in fact).
>So it is a bit odd that you weren't able to find
>the code that does what you say. :)
>> would appear to me, requires much less code changes: Instead of
>> allocating a separate stack to set intermediately, the 16-bit stack
>> segment could be mapped directly onto the normal, flat kernel
>Do you mean, eg, this?

No, I don't. This talks about going through ring 1 intermediately,
which isn't what I have in mind.

>Relevant quote:
>> ring1 stacks must be per-CPU.
>I allocate it on a ring0 stack. Noone seem to
>suggest that. Is this flawed for some reasons?

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