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SubjectRe: multiple independent keyboard kernel support
Helge Hafting wrote:

>>I would prefer to see "official and permanent" support for this as then
>>when HW & drivers & kernels develop in the future, this capability will
>>always be (immediately) available - and not have to wait for patches.
>"evdev" in the kernel already separates out independent keyboards.
>Isolatedevice lets several xservers run indepenmdently. There isn't
>much missing, although there are minor troubles where starting one
>xserver might mess up the video timing for another. (Solution:
>start xserver in an appropriate order, to be found by experimentation)
>Another minor problem - it won't work with every combination of video cards,
>only some.
>Still - when it works you even get to run accelerated 3D on
>the independent heads. Nice for game parties.
This is by far the best news I could have hoped for.

>I hope this helps.
Definitely yes.
Helge, thank you very much for taking the time to respond to my
(lengthy) query. I will be away for a few weeks, but will try this in
full during early October.

I have in the meantime unsubscribed from linux-kernel so please use my
direct address if you need to discuss anything further.

Kind regards,

>Helge Hafting


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