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SubjectRe: [PATCH] rmmod notifier chain
>I cherrypicked five of your patches yesterday as ones which look like
>should be in 2.6.14.
> fix i386 cmpxchg
> adjust .version updating
> free initrd mem adjustment
> constify font data
> minor fbcon_scroll adjustment
>But none of those are NMI-related. Specifically which patch are you
>referring to?


>> I'd be curious to know how you, considering yourself in my
>> would have approached breaking up and submitting that size a
>a) Patches which affect the main kernel but which aren't really
> debugger-related

So it was right to start with those...

>b) Patches which affect the main kernel and which are
> (adding hooks, generalising interfaces, refactoring functions,

... and some of those. But you saying this was more or less the right
approach puts things in contradiction with the complaints from others
that consumers of some of the changes weren't immediately visible.

>c) Finally, one monster patch to add the debugger functionality.
> split into in vger-sized chunks.

That'll have to follow later.

Thanks, Jan
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