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SubjectRe: Universal method to start a script at boot
    Hi Denis :)

* Denis Vlasenko <> dixit:
> > How the heck you make sure that svscan starts the services in the
> > correct order?
> Simple. Usually I do not, because many of them do not
> depend on each other. In cases where I must, I code it
> in the script.

OK, that's what I supposed. For small systems I usually prefer
the sysvinit approach for ordering, anyway.

> > All this seems like requiring scripts to do the job (that is,
> > ensuring a particular order of startup/shutdown), while sysvinit
> > gets this info from filenames. Obviously, dictating the order using a
> > script is far more flexible than using filenames but it's not as
> > simple, and that cannot be seen in the comparisons D.J.B. does in the
> > homepage of daemontools (which, BTW, is the only source of
> > documentation, and a very poor one). LSB, on the other hand, is
> djb is crazy genius, what did you expect ;)

Yes ;))))

> There is GPLed replacement of daemontools at

I know it, too, but I thought it was *based* on daemontools. I'll
take a look at it. Anyway, my init clone is compatible (more or less)
with both init.d and daemontools.

Raúl Núñez de Arenas Coronado

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It's my PC and I'll cry if I want to...
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