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    SubjectRe: GFS, what's remaining
    Alan Cox <> wrote:
    > On Iau, 2005-09-01 at 03:59 -0700, Andrew Morton wrote:
    > > - Why the kernel needs two clustered fileystems
    > So delete reiserfs4, FAT, VFAT, ext2, and all the other "junk".

    Well, we did delete intermezzo.

    I was looking for technical reasons, please.

    > > - Why GFS is better than OCFS2, or has functionality which OCFS2 cannot
    > > possibly gain (or vice versa)
    > >
    > > - Relative merits of the two offerings
    > You missed the important one - people actively use it and have been for
    > some years. Same reason with have NTFS, HPFS, and all the others. On
    > that alone it makes sense to include.

    Again, that's not a technical reason. It's _a_ reason, sure. But what are
    the technical reasons for merging gfs[2], ocfs2, both or neither?

    If one can be grown to encompass the capabilities of the other then we're
    left with a bunch of legacy code and wasted effort.

    I'm not saying it's wrong. But I'd like to hear the proponents explain why
    it's right, please.
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