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SubjectRe: [PATCH] DVB: lgdt330x frontend: some bug fixes & add lgdt3303 support
Mauro Carvalho Chehab wrote:

> This should't be applied to 2.6.13. It does contain a hack at V4L code,
>since mute_tda9887 is implemented outside tda9887.c module and could
>potentially cause troubles since there are some work to provide it on a
>correct way.
> It should be applied to -mm and go to mainstream only after provided a
>correct implementation.
> Please avoid trying to submit yet experimental patches to mainstream.

Please calm down... This is a newer version of the frontend module. It
is DVB code, not v4l. The new frontend module contains the MUTE_TDA9887
hack, however, the code is disabled. The new DVB frontend module has
some bugfixes. This is NOT experimental code. It has been testing in
cvs for the past month and Mac and I have verified that this code works,
and is a significant improvement over current lgdt330x code in -linus
tree. I did NOT send the v4l stuff to Andrew. FusionHDTV5 Gold DVB
mode is still disabled in cx88-cards.c. THIS UPDATE IS A BUGFIX.

Mac and I have been testing this new frontend module for the past few
weeks. After Mac's latest changes to the lgdt330x module, it is now
ready to go upstream. This module provides better quality digital tv
reception, and adds support for LGDT3303. There is no reason this
cannot go to 2.6.13. It is Andrew's choice of whether he wishes to fwd
to Linus or not.

The tda9887 stuff is disabled inside the code with #ifdefs.

Mauro, please do not intercept my patches to Andrew about DVB stuff. I
have not kept you informed about Mac's DVB stuff because you are v4l
maintainer. (not dvb maintainer). Mac and I have worked very hard on
this. Most of our correspondence have been short little emails and we
have been communicating in pvt emails, rather than using the list. These
patches for the new lgdt330x have been tested by many DViCO users, using
the cvs-tree-merging scripts. I have discussed these code changes with
Johannes, and he is happy for me to handle the hybrid patches like
this. It is very important that the changes made to the lgdt330x module
be countered by equivalent changes in cx88-dvb.c

Once again, this is NOT an "experimental patch," and THIS is the correct
implementation for lgdt330x stuff..... The tda9887 stuff can be removed
later on. It is harmless right now, as the tda9887 code is disabled by
ifdefs anyway. It would be best for the new lgdt330x module to be
merged into 2.6.13, because the interface is no longer compatable with
older lgdt330x interface.

Thank you.

Michael Krufky

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