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SubjectUnreliable Guide to Locking - Addition?
Hi Rusty,

I was going through the splendidly written document,
"Unreliable Guide to Locking". I thought of something that should be
mentioned in the section "Using Atomic Operations For The Reference
Count" (link :

I guess, probably the section should also mention that
There is one race condition while using atomic_t, which is as follows :

* The refcount of the object is "1".

* Process A tries to perform atomic_dec_and_test(), gets "0" and hence
performs a kfree() on the object.

* Process B tries to perform atomic_inc() on the object.

* It may so happen that the atomic_inc() of Process B is called after
atomic_dec_and_test(), but before the kfree() call, which is a race

Usually, this race condition is avoided as:
when the last atomic_dec_and_test() (the last == the one which
returns 0) is being called on the object, the object is usually not
accessible to others (list_del()) and hence the simultaneous
atomic_inc() call never occurs.

Do you think this race condition should be included in the document?

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