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SubjectRe: [PATCH] DVB: lgdt330x frontend: some bug fixes & add lgdt3303 support
I am not attached to the experimental code. If it goes away 
my feelings will not be hurt. It was put there so I can
easily tell an early adopter how to make the noise go away.

-- Mac

On Monday 08 August 2005 08:20 am, Michael Krufky wrote:
> Mauro Carvalho Chehab wrote:
> > This should't be applied to 2.6.13. It does contain a
> > hack at V4L code, since mute_tda9887 is implemented
> > outside tda9887.c module and could potentially cause
> > troubles since there are some work to provide it on a
> > correct way.
> > It should be applied to -mm and go to mainstream only
> > after provided a correct implementation.
> >
> >Mkrufky,
> > Please avoid trying to submit yet experimental patches
> > to mainstream.
> >
> >Mauro.
> Mauro-
> Please calm down... This is a newer version of the
> frontend module. It is DVB code, not v4l. The new
> frontend module contains the MUTE_TDA9887 hack, however,
> the code is disabled. The new DVB frontend module has
> some bugfixes. This is NOT experimental code. It has
> been testing in cvs for the past month and Mac and I have
> verified that this code works, and is a significant
> improvement over current lgdt330x code in -linus tree. I
> did NOT send the v4l stuff to Andrew. FusionHDTV5 Gold
> DVB mode is still disabled in cx88-cards.c. THIS UPDATE
> Mac and I have been testing this new frontend module for
> the past few weeks. After Mac's latest changes to the
> lgdt330x module, it is now ready to go upstream. This
> module provides better quality digital tv reception, and
> adds support for LGDT3303. There is no reason this
> cannot go to 2.6.13. It is Andrew's choice of whether he
> wishes to fwd to Linus or not.
> The tda9887 stuff is disabled inside the code with
> #ifdefs.
> Mauro, please do not intercept my patches to Andrew about
> DVB stuff. I have not kept you informed about Mac's DVB
> stuff because you are v4l maintainer. (not dvb
> maintainer). Mac and I have worked very hard on this.
> Most of our correspondence have been short little emails
> and we have been communicating in pvt emails, rather than
> using the list. These patches for the new lgdt330x have
> been tested by many DViCO users, using the
> cvs-tree-merging scripts. I have discussed these code
> changes with Johannes, and he is happy for me to handle
> the hybrid patches like this. It is very important that
> the changes made to the lgdt330x module be countered by
> equivalent changes in cx88-dvb.c
> Once again, this is NOT an "experimental patch," and THIS
> is the correct implementation for lgdt330x stuff.....
> The tda9887 stuff can be removed later on. It is
> harmless right now, as the tda9887 code is disabled by
> ifdefs anyway. It would be best for the new lgdt330x
> module to be merged into 2.6.13, because the interface is
> no longer compatable with older lgdt330x interface.
> Thank you.
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