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    SubjectRe: Highmemory Problem with RHEL3 .... 2.4.21-5.ELsmp
    Fawad Lateef wrote:

    >I m facing a problem in RHEL3 (2.4.21-5.ELsmp) kernel while using
    >kmap_atomic on the pages reserved at the boot time !!!!
    >At the boot time I reserved pages above 2GB for later use by my module
    >..... And when I was using those reserved pages through kmap_atomic
    >system hangs; although kmap_atomic successfully returns me the virtual
    >address but when I use that virtual address like in memcpy the system
    >hangs .....
    >I m unable to findout why it is happening in RHEL3 kernel !!!! Plz
    >help me in this regard ....

    IIRC 2.4.21 has some highmem bugs that have since been fixed. But, it
    sounds like you might be doing something quite unusual. Code would
    definitely give people a better idea of what might be wrong. You should
    definitely consider moving to 2.6 to get a better response.

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