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    SubjectRe: pci_update_resource() getting called on sparc64

    On Mon, 8 Aug 2005, Greg KH wrote:
    > Hm, how do you revert a git patch?

    Something like this?

    . git-sh-setup-script || die "Not a git archive"
    rev=$(git-rev-parse --verify --revs-only "$@") || exit
    git-diff-tree -R -p $rev | git-apply --index &&
    echo "Revert $rev" | git commit

    Just name it "git-revert-script" and it might do what you want to do.

    It may not have the nicest error messages: if you try to revert a merge
    (which won't have a diff), git-apply will say something like

    fatal: No changes

    which isn't exactly being helpful. And the revert message could be made
    more interesting (like putting the first line of the description of what
    we reverted into the message instead of just the revision number).

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