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SubjectRe: Highmemory Problem with RHEL3 .... 2.4.21-5.ELsmp
Fawad Lateef wrote:

> if ((unsigned long)(page - mem_map) > 0x80000) {
> SetPageReserved(page);
> set_bit(PG_highmem, &page->flags);
> atomic_set(&page->count, 0xC4);

That seems like a hackish thing to do. Could you mistake other pages
with the same count as pages you have reserved?

>After this in my module, i simply use kmap_atomic to map the page
>reserved by me and tried to use that ........ its working perfect in
>both 2.4.x series and also working in 2.6.x .....

This suggests a problem with RHEL3. If it works fine on a vanilla 2.4
kernel, then by all means try to get support from your vendor. If it
works fine on the latest 2.4.X and 2.6.X linux-kernel is probably not
the best place to look for help, although I can't blame you for trying.
Maybe someone here already knows the answer, but unfortunately, it is
not me.

Sorry if I missed context from your earlier posts.

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