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SubjectHighmemory Problem with RHEL3 .... 2.4.21-5.ELsmp

I m facing a problem in RHEL3 (2.4.21-5.ELsmp) kernel while using
kmap_atomic on the pages reserved at the boot time !!!!

At the boot time I reserved pages above 2GB for later use by my module
..... And when I was using those reserved pages through kmap_atomic
system hangs; although kmap_atomic successfully returns me the virtual
address but when I use that virtual address like in memcpy the system
hangs .....

I m unable to findout why it is happening in RHEL3 kernel !!!! Plz
help me in this regard ....

Fawad Lateef


My memory reservation and later using that memory through kmap_atomic
works well on the kernels other than RHEL3 2.4.21-e.ELsmp
.............. the page reservation was done in the
arch/i386/mm/init.c file in function one_highpage_init ...... I have
Machine with 16GB RAM and 2 - Xeon 2.4GHz Processors .....
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