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    SubjectRe: Fw: Re: Elitegroup K7S5A + usb_storage problem
    On Sunday, 7. August 2005 20:08, Alan Stern wrote:
    > On Sun, 7 Aug 2005 wrote:
    > > Hi Alan,
    > >
    > > no. the stick doesn't have a write protection switch.
    > > Once when i tried to copy a file to the mp3 player i got a new file there
    > > on remount, but it consisted of incorrect data. (so writing seemed to be
    > > possible and just went wrong) (in that case the fat seemed to be damaged
    > > after i had tried this, so that windows wasn't able to read it correctly
    > > any more.
    > > (formatting from the mp3 players menu helped)
    > Well, perhaps the device isn't consistently writing data to the
    > correct locations.
    > > greetings
    > > Martin
    > >
    > > PS: just as an info - i sent a usbmon trace to Pete Zaitcev today, should
    > > I send it to you too?
    > Pete is quite as competent at solving this kind of problem as I am. And
    > he knows the ub driver much better, so I'm happy to bow out and let him
    > worry about it! :-)
    > Just out of curiosity, if you plug the player into a Windows system
    > without installing any special drivers first, will Windows be able to read
    > and write files okay? If it can, a USB packet trace may give Pete a clue
    > as to where to look.
    as far as i recall i didnt install any special drivers for my win 2k and win
    xp systems. (i got this mp3 player quite a while now...)
    How would I do such an packet trace ?

    > Alan Stern
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