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    SubjectRe: IDE disk and HPA
    > If I want to upgrade my IDE Hard drive by my self, how can I
    > restore that kind of data on other diferent PC?

    So the content of the HPA should be limited to program which are
    special: a boot loader is position dependant and you do not want
    to copy it blindly to another hard disk with maybe another size
    or other characteristics - because it will not work - you just
    want to re-install it on the other HD on the other PC.
    If this HPA contains more than a bootloader, it has to be
    organised like a real filesystem (or even a real device image
    with a partition table) to be accessed by emergency tools like
    mtools (you can specify a big offset to the device to access
    a FAT partition at the end of the device). This FAT filesystem
    can be considered logically like a big floppy.
    Maybe one day this system can use the SAORAB IDE feature - read
    the spec to understand that sentence.
    If you are really recovering a disaster and want to get the HPA
    content but are locked by the bootloader blocking this access, I'll
    give you the trick (that is a secret - do not repeat it!): plug in
    your IDE disk after boot using an USB/IDE adapter.

    > HPA should not exist, there are a lot of other ways to store
    > restore or diagnostics apps, Hibernation and Quick Restores
    > should be handled in other way, I have once an omnibook (earth
    > unplugged) and I can only reinstall Linux, because the host
    > protected area does not allow me to install The Original OS,
    > in other PC with the porper hardware and back it to the laptop.

    HPA and all the other "extended" IDE command exists on all hard
    drives used these day: anything more than 8 Gb has the complete
    set (but maybe SAORAB).

    > This HPA should be optional, but never by default, I once need
    > to have them disabled (where is the specifications from the
    > manufacturer to reproduce them in a new hard disk media).

    My bootloader can be installed in any standard partition and
    if the disk does not contains a B.E.E.R. sector (see
    ) you will not get the HPA set or frozzen.
    Security freeze is still done in all cases.


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