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    SubjectRe: Obsolete files in 2.6 tree
    On 8/4/05, Miklos Szeredi <> wrote:
    > > Well, don't know about anyone else, but I certainly don't use it
    > > anymore. If anyone needs a fully-functional befs driver, the easiest
    > > route to that would probably be getting Haiku's befs driver to compile
    > > in userland as a FUSE fs.
    > That has already been done:
    > All is needed is a working FUSE installation, and the above binary, to
    > be able to mount any filesystem image/partition.

    I think you mis-understand. Mountlo seems to allow one to mount
    (through FUSE) any filesystem image for which there is a linux kernel
    kernel driver available. This is a very nice capability.

    But what I speak of is to port the 100% feature-complete (and
    well-tested) befs driver from the Haiku project's kernel to the FUSE
    interface. This should be a considerably easier task than porting it
    to the linux kernel vfs interface. Among other reasons for this, parts
    of Haiku's kernel (including their befs driver) are written in c++.

    Will Dyson
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