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SubjectRe: Where is the performance bottleneck?
Holger Kiehl wrote:

> 3236497 total 1.4547
> 2507913 default_idle 52248.1875
> 158752 shrink_zone 43.3275
> 121584 copy_user_generic_c 3199.5789
> 34271 __wake_up_bit 713.9792
> 31131 __make_request 23.1629
> 22096 scsi_request_fn 18.4133
> 21915 rotate_reclaimable_page 80.5699

I don't think this function should be here. This indicates that
lots of writeout is happening due to pages falling off the end
of the LRU.

There was a bug recently causing memory estimates to be wrong
on Opterons that could cause this I think.

Can you send in 2 dumps of /proc/vmstat taken 10 seconds apart
while you're writing at full speed (with 2.6.13 or the latest
-git tree).

A dump of /proc/zoneinfo and /proc/meminfo while the write is
going on would be helpful too.


SUSE Labs, Novell Inc.

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