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SubjectRe: MAX_ARG_PAGES has no effect?

* Nick Matteo <> wrote:

> The other day I was running a grep on a big directory tree and got a
> "Argument list too long" error. Since I'd like to have this work
> without messing with find and xargs each time, I went into
> include/linux/binfmts.h and changed
> #define MAX_ARG_PAGES 32
> to
> #define MAX_ARG_PAGES 64
> I recompiled and installed the kernel, but there's no change (getconf
> ARG_MAX still gives 131072.) What am I missing?

MAX_ARG_PAGES should work just fine. I think the 'getconf ARG_MAX'
output is hardcoded. (because the kernel does not provide the
information dynamically)

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