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    SubjectRe: revert yenta free_irq on suspend

    > > But that believe would be total fantasy -- supsend/resume is not
    > > working on a large number of machines, and no distro is currently
    > > able to support it. (I'm talking about S3 suspend to RAM primarily,
    > > suspend to disk is less interesting -- though Red Hat doesn't
    > > even support _that_)
    > After the 'swsusp works just fine' lovefest at OLS, I spent a little
    > while playing with the current in-tree swsusp implementation last week.
    > The outcome: I'm no more enthusiastic about enabling this in Red Hat
    > kernels than I ever was before. It seems to have real issues with LVM
    > setups (which is default on Red Hat/Fedora installs these days).
    > After convincing it where to suspend/resume from by feeding it
    > the major/minor of my swap partition, it did actually seem
    > to suspend. And resume (though it did spew lots of 'sleeping whilst
    > atomic warnings, but thats trivial compared to whats coming up
    > next).

    I do not know much about LVM. How exactly did you resume= command line
    look like? You were not resuming from initrd, right?

    You did not boot *anything* between suspend and resume, right?

    > I rebooted, and fsck found all sorts of damage on my / partition.
    > After spending 30 minutes pressing 'y', to fix things up, it failed
    > to boot after lots of files were missing.
    > Why it wrote anything to completely different lv to where I told it
    > (and yes, I did get the major:minor right) I have no idea, but
    > as it stands, it definitly isn't production-ready.

    Could you try to suspend on plain old swap-partition, first, to verify
    that your drivers cooperate?
    teflon -- maybe it is a trademark, but it should not be.
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