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SubjectRe: [PATCH 2.6.13-rc6] dcdbas: add Dell Systems Management Base Driver with sysfs support
Doug Warzecha wrote:

>This patch adds the Dell Systems Management Base Driver with sysfs support.
>This patch incorporates changes based on comments from the previous posting.
>Summary of changes:
>* Changed permissions on sysfs files so that only owner can read.
>* Changed to use __uNN/__sNN types in structs.
>* smi_data_write will grow smi_data_buf if needed.
>* Renamed struct callintf_cmd to struct smi_cmd.
>* Renamed callintf_smi to smi_request.
>* Added 2 more supported values that were requested in smi_request_store.
>* Hold rtc_lock across SMI in host_control_smi.
Hi Doug

I've followed this thread as best I can and I have a query...

I have a Dell SC420
Is there a way (based around this patch) to allow users to enable and
set the auto-power-on BIOS feature?
(ie tell the BIOS to power on at 3:40am, power the system down, watch it
power up at 3:40am)

Normally I'd use 'nvram-wakeup' but it dosen't understand the Dell BIOS.

If so what I'd _like_ to do is send a patch to nvram-wakeup that tests
for this capability and uses it if it's there.



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