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SubjectRe: new qla2xxx driver breaks SAN setup with 2 controllers

On Tue, Aug 23, 2005 at 01:00:40PM -0700, Patrick Mansfield wrote:
> The use of scsiadd script implies that you are attaching or somehow
> modifying the storage after the driver has loaded. Is that correct?

yes exactly, only the bootdrive LUN is registered after bootup. I have
to selectively scsiadd the other LUNs if there is a gap between the
boot LUN (1-8 in our setup) and the shared storages (9-14). I don't
consider this a bug though, I had to remove some devices otherwise,
and old drivers had to be patched to allow this at all.

> There is a fix for scanning initiated via user space, this change:
> The above fix is in the current 2.6 git tree. Does that fix your problem?

It does, thanks for the hint :-)

I see this is in rc7 too.

> Also try using lsscsi.

it does not list the non-registered LUNs the driver knows about, as the
old proc interface did.

Best regards
Frederik Schueler

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