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SubjectRe: select() efficiency / epoll
Jari Sundell wrote:

>On 8/23/05, Davy Durham <> wrote:
>I was hoping you would mention in your reply that you knew
>epoll_data_t was an union and you didn't touch epoll_data::fd, so i
>wouldn't have to say it explicitly. ;)
No, I saw that epoll_data_t was a union (although, it kind of makes the
ptr useless as a user data pointer.. but I'm not using it for that)

When I mean that pointers are getting corrupted, I just mean in other
parts of the code (actually it's some C++ STL container's data and is
completely unrelated to the epoll specific code) Something, somewhere
seems to be writing to memory that it's not supposed to be writing to.
And as far as I can tell, it happens when I use epoll and doesn't when I
use select :-/

-- Davy

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