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SubjectRe: 2.6.13-rc6: halt instead of reboot
Meelis Roos <> writes:

> I'm currently running 2.6.13-rc6+git as of today and whan I tell my computer to
> reboot, it starts a reboot as sual and when it reached kernel telling
> "Rebooting" the computer halts instead. I noticed it just with an earlier
> post-rc6 snapshot and it's still there with current git.
> PC, Duron 1.3 GHz CPU, VIA 686A chipset mainboard. Reboot has worked normally
> before.

Currently this is not enough information to have a clue as to what
is going wrong.

Does reboot=hard (on the kernel command line) change the behaviour?

Does magic sysrq work after the system hangs?

Can you narrow it down to a -git snapshot where reboot breaks for

The reboot path has been made much more consistent since 2.6.12 and
most of the bugs removed. But it would not surprise me if some lurking bugs are now


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