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SubjectRe: Environment variables inside the kernel?
Guillermo López Alejos <> writes:

> Whoa!, I did not expect so many replies. Thank you for your answers.
> The thing is that the Computer Architecture area of the University I
> am studying at is developing a parallel filesystem. Currently it works
> as a stand-alone program (this is why it uses resources like
> environment variables), and I have been told to integrate it in the
> Linux kernel.

Usually when I hear stand-alone program I think of program that runs
without the need of a kernel. You have an environment in that context?

> I have to justify changes on this filesystem code (like avoiding the
> use of environment variables) to my tutor. In this case I needed to
> find why it is not possible to use environment variables in kernel
> space.

Be very careful. Generally I think at least until the filesystem
is very stable running your filesystem server in the kernel is a mistake.

And the concept of a parallel filesystem with just one server just
sounds wrong from any context.

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