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SubjectDriver for proprietary Sony Memorystick drive
Dear readers,

I'm the owner of a Sony VAIO notebook with a PCI-based memorystick drive,
PCI ID is 104D/808A. So far, no Linux driver has been developed. I am quite
experienced with driver development, though not for Linux.

I work on a DOS-based OS ( ), written in Borland
Pascal and Assembler for Protected Mode, thus I'm fairly experienced with
driver development from scratch. My plan is to write a driver in BP and
release it along with lots of comments and a neat PDF specification into
the public domain, ready to be ported to Linux, Zeta or whatever.

How far I got:
I was able to assign 1 KB of I/O memory to the device (the amount it gets
under Windows). At offset 100h, a 512 byte buffer is located. The byte at
offset 08h indicates whether a stick is inserted (=01h) or not (=00h). The
512 byte buffer shows strange behaviour (no details here), and I cannot
read or write anything yet.

It would be helpful to get in touch with people who develop drivers and/or
own a Sony laptop with said drive for testing. I think it's still a quite
long way to go. I am currently not subscribed to the kernel mailing list.

Kind regards,
Konstantin Koll
Hansmannstr. 17
44227 Dortmund

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