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SubjectRe: Support for Silicon Image 3132 SATA II Controller
Michael Thonke wrote:
> Hello,
> I've got a new Silicon Image 3132 SATA II host-controller, this one is
> designed along the SATA (II) specification - (Hot-Plug,NCQ,3GB/s
> transfer). This controller is linked to the pci-express bus. I guess
> it operate like the 3124 controller with some addition :-) On the
> Silicon Image website I found some papers for this controller and his
> architecture. It can be found here
> I can provide a pci-ids for some specific boards if needed...I found
> this controller on some new motherboards Gigabyte's 955X Royal, ABIT
> AW8,ECS PF88 Extreme, TUL,Foxconn and maybe others coming.
> Is it possible to implement this controller to libata: sata_sil
> driver? I also would spend some time to test the driver.

You'll want to try the sata_sil24 driver, which is in the libata-dev.git
repository, described at


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