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SubjectRe: Power consumption HZ100, HZ250, HZ1000: new numbers

> >In the end, Linus will decide this anyway. I can understand that you
> >don't want to change your application. Help developing the dynamic
> >tick patch, and maybe you won't have to =)
> From what I can tell, tick skipping works fine right now, it just needs
> some cleanup. Thus I'd expect something like it will get integrated
> into 2.6.14. If it gets in, the default HZ should go back up to 1000.
> In that case why decrease it for exactly one patchlevel?
> As an app programmer, it'd be nice not to have to support 2.6.13
> differently from 2.6.(x!=13). For my app, busy waiting means a ~12%
> load increase for 2.6.13 compared to (probably) all other 2.6 kernel
> versions. That's certainly violating the principle of least surprise.
> Up to now, it was easy enough to tell people "upgrade from 2.4.x and
> it'll work better". Now it gets more complicated.

BTW I think many architectures have HZ=100 even in 2.6, so it is not
as siple as "go 2.6"...

teflon -- maybe it is a trademark, but it should not be.
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