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SubjectRe: can I write to the cdrom through writing to the device file sr0?
jeff shia wrote:
> thank you ,DervishD.
> another question:What is the difference between cdrtools and cdrecord?
> It seems that the fomer is bigger.

cdrtools is a package which includes cdrecord. Or, the other
way 'round, cdrecord is a part of cdrtools package. Nowadays,

> On 8/18/05, DervishD <> wrote:
>> Hi Jeff :)
>> * jeff shia <> dixit:
>>>I want to write a cdrw user space driver just like cdreord,but the
>>>cdrecord is too complex and huge!can I write to the cdrom through
>>>writing to the device file sr0,here sr0 is the device file of the
>> Although someone may say that the size of cdrecord is
>>proportional to the author's ego, the crude reality is that cdrecord
>>has to be such complex and huge (well, I don't think it is huge,
>>but...). It has to be complex because cdwriting *is* complex. Take a
>>look at the code and see if you can get rid of things. Nowadays I
>>think that most of the writers out there are SCSI-3/MMC compliant, so
>>you can just use that driver, but that won't probably remove much

Well, yes and no. If you have re-writable media, there's a packet
driver for it in recent kernels, and it is possible to (indirectly)
mount and use a cdrw device as normal block device. Ofcourse it'll
only work for data "tracks", not for audio disks.

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