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SubjectRe: [RFC] Cleanup line-wrapping in pgtable.h
Uttered Adam Litke <>, spake thus:

> The line-wrapping in most of the include/asm/pgtable.h pte test/set
> macros looks horrible in my 80 column terminal. The following "test the
> waters" patch is how I would like to see them laid out. I realize that
> the braces don't adhere to CodingStyle but the advantage is (when taking
> wrapping into account) that the code takes up no additional space. How
> do people feel about making this change? Any better suggestions? I
> personally wouldn't like a lone closing brace like normal functions
> because of the extra lines eaten. I volunteer to patch up the other
> architectures if we reach a consensus.

Congratulations for keeping your 80-column display. The coding
standard assumes that and 8-character tabs for carefully thought-out
software development reasons -- they are functional, not traditional.

Since these are inline procedures, make them follow the coding
standard; that's why we have one.

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