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SubjectLinux Kernel Hang or stop after uncompressing MPC8245


I try to boot my linux kernel (with 2.4 or 2.6 it's the same problem) on an
embeded board (EM04N MenMicro) base on a MPC8245 cpu...

When i boot i 've;

> Detected PPCBOOT header
> Verifying image CRC...ok
> Uncompressing Multi-File Image ... ok
> Moving initrd...ok
> Passing Kernel parameters: root=ramfs console=ttyS0,9600
> Starting Linux Kernel.
and stop here... i must hard reset the board...

Anyone boot a linux kernel on this board ?
I heard about UART serial port problem with MPC8245 cpu, but i don't find a
working solution for patching kernel or setting up correctly...

Anyone can help me ?

I use :
ELDK kit cross compilation for PPC8245
and official last kernel source...

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