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SubjectRe: e1000 6.0.60 problems
some updates:

On 8/15/05, Dror Cohen <> wrote:
> Hello all,
> when using the latest 6.1.16 version of the driver (which doesn't seem
> to have the watch dog fix, but a lot of other fixes) we see similar
> results to our modified version - there are still NETDEV events with
> the "Detected Tx Unit Hang" message followed by the output of the
> registers.

we just had a stuck machine with the 6.1.16 version (again, no console
, had to reboot)
var log messages looks like the one the previous halt (order
allocation failed, from e1000 irq handling). I guess this means the
backporting of the watch dog does indeed help.

> more information can be supplied if needed.
> our questions:
> * Is anyone experiencing similar problems (looks to us alot like: "[
> 955064 ] e1000 freezes Linux with 82544GC (similar to a year-old bug)") ?

forgot the link:

> * Was the watch dog change forgotten, or left out deliberetly ? Does our
> patch seems to be OK ? it is also not present in the latest version (6.1.6).
> * are the allocation problems related in anyway to e1000 problem ?
> ...

since I'm not on the linux-kernel list (but I am on the linux-net and
e1000 lists) please CC
replies to dror at

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