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Subjectuart_port structure in serial8250_port[i] doesn't have the port_type values

The problem described here is related to the 8250_pci driver in kernels. When 8250_pci device driver detects a serial
port pci device and sets up the default setup (8250_pci.c), it tries to
find a match or unused port (serial8250_find_match_or_unused proc in in
8250.c). This leads to the uart_match_port with one of the parameters as
serial8250_ports[i].port. During debugging, I noticed that the none of
elements of the serial8250_ports[i].port.type was having any port value.
So the serial8250_register_port fails and the device driver module fails
to load. In this scenario, the last resort to find any entry which
doesn't have a real port associated with it also fails, because of the
null value in the serial8250_ports[i].port.type. I would like to know
when the port.type values in uart_8250_port strucutre (in
serial8250_ports[i]) is populated? Is there anything missing in the
serial8250_find_match_or_unused codes? Any help to degug this problem
is appreciated. Thanks.

V.Ananda Krishnan

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