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SubjectRe: [patch] unexport __mntput()
On 8/15/05, Mike Waychison <> wrote:
> Coywolf Qi Hunt wrote:
> > Hello,
> >
> > Unexport __mntput() was talked about two months ago.
> > Modules should not call __mntput() directly. If autofs or nfsd does that, it's
> > being wrong.
> I think you missed the point in the last discussion. __mntput is called

Yes, indeed.

> from mntput(), which autofs and nfsd call. Their use is correct given
> what they do:
> Autofs 3 and 4 use it for walking the vfsmount tree and determining
> if/when a mountpoint is ready to expire.
> Nfsd uses it to serve up nfs exports that don't cross mountpoints (or
> do, if "crossmnt" is specified in /etc/exports.

And more than above, there's more stuff depend on it, af_unix, ipc
message queues, etc.

Thanks for your help.
Coywolf Qi Hunt
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