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SubjectRe: rc6 keeps hanging and blanking displays where rc4-mm1 works fine.
On 8/15/05, Bartlomiej Zolnierkiewicz <> wrote:
> On 8/12/05, Alan Cox <> wrote:
> > On Gwe, 2005-08-12 at 12:01 +0200, Helge Hafting wrote:
> > > solveable by resizing. But the machine will occationally hang, forcing
> > > me to
> > > use the reset button. I lost my mbox file to this (from an ext3 fs, on
> > > raid-1 on scsi.)
> >
> > Unless you are using data=journal and have turned write cache off on
> > your IDE drives that is expected. Metadata journalling protects your
> > file system intgerity. Data journalling is more expensive but will
> > protect your file integrity if the disk layer is also correctly set up.
> > Unfortunately the IDE layer defaults the wrong way and despite many
> > complaints has not been changed. In later 2.6 with modern drives you can
> Changing defaults is not that easy, disabling write-cache shortens HDD
> life considerably (discussed on LKML).
> Recommend solution is to disable write-cache w/ hdparm or use barrier mode.
> > also enable barrier mode on the IDE layer which gives better results
> > than turning off the write cache.

Moreover Helge is using RAID-1 on SCSI so IDE is out of picture here.
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