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SubjectRe: usb camera failing in 2.6.13-rc6
On Mon, 15 Aug 2005 10:26, Pete Zaitcev wrote:
> On Mon, 15 Aug 2005 09:29:20 +1000, Con Kolivas <> wrote:
> > > Remember that dmesg diff you sent? That's the one. If you strace
> > > the digikamcameracl, it probably keels over after EBUSY.
> >
> > Nice shot! Got it in one. bugzilla updated with confirmation.
> >
> > So how do we proceed with this one? Do I need to file a digikam bug
> > report too?
> Since I never encountered it, I'm not versed in the switching of
> the current altsetting. I suppose, this has to be discussed between
> digikam developers and linux-usb-devel (Alan Stern probably knows
> how that has to be done). It's very likely that all digikam needs
> is to claim the interface after the altsetting was switched...
> But I really do not know.

Ok I've investigated further and had a pointer from Andrew Clayton who fixes
this problem with a gphoto2 upgrade. The issue is a libgphoto2 one and
kernels 2.6.13+ will require libgphoto2 2.1.6 or later to work properly.

To sort this out before 2.6.13 comes out and it bites a lot of people - as
most distros will have this problem - I suggest pointing them to the bugzilla
entry as a FAQ:

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