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SubjectRe: [PATCH 0/6] i386 virtualization patches, Set 3
Brian Gerst wrote:

> If you really want to test the math emu code, you can hack check_x87
> in head.S to always leave the fpu disabled. Then you can test it on
> any cpu, not just a 386.

That is a good idea, and while a valid point, it actually still requires
writing the code to actually test the FPU, specifically, using weird
prefixes, LDT based segments, and other oddities that don't get
generated from "normal" C code. I'm pretty sure the existing code works
for the 99% cases or else it wouldn't have gotten there in the first
place. But testing the corner cases here is even nastier than testing
the LDT corner cases - you would basically need to write a lot of hand
coded i387 assembler. Perhaps such a test might exist, but in all
honesty, without a comprehensive test, it is simply far too easy to
introduce a bug here, and far too likely it will either not be noticed
until it has caused someone a possibly undetected numerical error, or
I'm just wasting my time because noone is using this code anyways.
Fortunately, the Hubble telescope has been upgraded to a 486 ;)

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