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SubjectRe: [RFC][patch 0/2] mm: remove PageReserved
On Monday 15 August 2005 23:15, David Howells wrote:
> I want to know when a page is going to be modified so that I
> can predict the state of the cache as much as possible. I don't want
> userspace processes corrupting the cache in unrecorded ways.

There are two cases:

1) Metadata. If anybody is doing racy writes to metadata pages, it is
your filesystem, and you have a bug.

2) Data. In Linux practice and Posix, racy writes to files have
undefined semantics, including the possibility that data may end up
interleaved on a disk block.

You seem to be trying to define (2) as "corruption" and setting out to prevent
it. But it is not the responsibility of a filesystem to prevent this, it is
the responsibility of the application.

Could you please explain why it is not ok to end up with a half-written page
in your cache, if the client was in fact halfway through writing it when it


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