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SubjectRe: oops in 2.6.13-rc6-git5
On Monday 15 August 2005 08:22, you wrote:
> On 8/15/05, D. ShadowWolf <> wrote:
> > Decided to take the latest git kernel for a run and ran into the
> > following oops when shutting the system down to try it from a cold-boot
> > situation. I wasn't able to capture the oops as it happened, but
> > thankfully syslog was still running and I managed to trap it there.
> serial console, netconsole, console on line-printer are all useful
> for capturing Oops data. There are detailed guides in Documentation/
> > When the oops occurred the system was almost shut down, but the command
> > that was executing at the time was to save the sync the hardware clock to
> > Linux (I think)... the trap from my kernel logs (I have each class of
> > kernel event redirected to a different file. This leads to some huge
> > files in a short span, but is useful for debugging a new kernel) The
> > kernel is tainted by the lt modem drivers (lt_modem & lt_serial) however
> > the problem does not appear to be in either of those, and they function
> > properly under
> >
> > I'm running a basic Slackware 10 distribution (other than the ltmodem
> > drivers (gone inside the next month))
> I've tried to reproduce the Oops here with your config, but my
> hardware is too different to match your config, so I had to make some
> changes to get the kernel running. In the end I was not able to
> reproduce it.
> Can you reproduce the crash reliably?
> Can you reproduce the crash with a non-tainted kernel?

Haven't attempted to reproduce - I actually tried the kernel against my better
judgement -- I've had hard-drives killed by faulty kernels in the past. But
since you've requested, yes, I'll give it a shot. Reproducing it with an
untainted kernel should be as simple as just booting the system, but I'm
going to have to go monkey my init scripts to disable the automagic loading
of the modules that taint the kernel.

As for doing it using a network or serial console - I don't have the equipment
anymore. I used to have a decent WYSE serial console, but that died in the
same storm that caught my old system... If you know where I can pick up an
old line printer or a cheap serial terminal I'll buy it and get it setup

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