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SubjectRe: rc6 keeps hanging and blanking displays - bisection complete
> > I'm a little surprised, as a ppc64 fix theoretically shouldn't matter for
> > x86_64? But perhaps they share something?
> My guess is that it is maybe the DRM changes that have done it... the
> 32/64-bit code in 2.6.13-rc6 may have issues, but they've been tested
> on a number of configurations (none of them by me... I can't test what
> I don't have...)

Actually after looking back 2.6.13-rc4-mm1 which you say works doesn't
contain any of the later 32/64-bit changes.. so maybe you can try just
applying the git-drm.patch from that tree to see if it makes a

I'm getting less and less sure this is caused by the drm, (have you
built with DRM disabled completely??)

Do you have any fb support in-kernel (I know you might have answered
this already but I'm getting a bit lost on this thread...)

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