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SubjectRe: rc6 keeps hanging and blanking displays - bisection complete

On Tue, 16 Aug 2005, Helge Hafting wrote:
> This was interesting. At first, lots of kernels just kept working,
> I almost suspected I was doing something wrong. Then the second last kernel
> recompiled a lot of DRM stuff - and the crash came back!
> The kernel after that worked again, and so the final message was:
> 561fb765b97f287211a2c73a844c5edb12f44f1d is first bad commit

Ok, that definitely looks bogus.

That commit should not matter at _all_, it only changes ppc64 specific

If the bug is sometimes hard to trigger, maybe one of the "good" kernels
wasn't good after all. That would definitely throw a wrench in the

Anyway, with something like this, where there may be false positives
(false "good" kernels), the only thing you can _really_ trust is a kernel
that got marked bad, because that one definitely has the problem. So make
sure that you remember all known-bad kernels.

Btw, we haven't had a lot of testign of the termination condition for "git
bisect", so it's possible it's off by a commit or two. However, the commit
you actually ended up on is literally just two commits before 2.6.13-rc5,
which makes me suspect that it's not the termination condition, as much as
the fact that it really was an earlier kernel that had the problem, but
you bisected it as "good" because the problem just didn't trigger quickly

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