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SubjectRe: libata PATA todo list
Jeff Garzik wrote:
> Since there's been some recent interest in the subject, I thought I
> would post the PATA todo list for libata. Some of these items are from
> my memory, and some are from a list Alan was kind enough to create. The
> items verbatim from Alan are prefixed "Alan: ".

> 2) Simplex DMA
> PCI IDE specification has a 'simplex' DMA bit, which should be tested.
> Simplex means that only one command can be outstanding, for BOTH port0
> and port1, at any given time.
> Possibly some hosts also need Simplex DMA, but may not assert the
> standard PCI IDE Simplex DMA capability bit. I don't know.

I remember using devices which require this. Not recently.

> 4) Alan: Command filter
> Alan -- explanation?
> I know one line item here, at least: Promise controllers snoop SET
> FEATURES - XFER MODE command. We must stop command processing on ALL
> ports when this command is issued, to avoid corruption.

The last time I tried, cdrecord was allowed to burn the first session of
a multi-session CD as a user (with correct device permissions) but not
to read the multisession info (current ISO size) to burn another
session. I haven't tried it in the last few months, I changed my script
to do something else. However, it really should work.

I will test this if you like, but I'm on 7x24 coverage this week and
7x24 vacation after that, so not soon.

> 10) ATAPI DMA alignment (discussed elsewhere)
> Needed even for PATA, AFAICT.

Thanks for keeping the list!

-bill davidsen (
"The secret to procrastination is to put things off until the
last possible moment - but no longer" -me
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