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SubjectRe: rc6 keeps hanging and blanking displays - bisection complete
On Mon, Aug 15, 2005 at 08:50:12AM -0700, Linus Torvalds wrote:
> On Mon, 15 Aug 2005, Helge Hafting wrote:
> >
> > Ok, I have downlaoded git and started the first compile.
> > Git will tell when the correct point is found (assuming I
> > do the "git bisect bad/good" right), by itself?
> Yes. You should see
> Bisecting: xxx revisions left to test after this
> and the "xxx" should hopefully decrease by half during each round. And t
> the end of it, you should get
> <sha1> is first bad commit
> followed by the actual patch that caused the problem.
This was interesting. At first, lots of kernels just kept working,
I almost suspected I was doing something wrong. Then the second last kernel
recompiled a lot of DRM stuff - and the crash came back!
The kernel after that worked again, and so the final message was:

561fb765b97f287211a2c73a844c5edb12f44f1d is first bad commit
diff-tree 561fb765b97f287211a2c73a844c5edb12f44f1d (from
Author: Anton Blanchard <>
Date: Mon Aug 1 21:11:46 2005 -0700

[PATCH] ppc64: topology API fix

Dont include asm-generic/topology.h unconditionally, we end up overriding
all the ppc64 specific functions when NUMA is on.

Signed-off-by: Anton Blanchard <>
Acked-by: Paul Mackerras <>
Signed-off-by: Andrew Morton <>
Signed-off-by: Linus Torvalds <>

:040000 040000 a760521110f862aecbee74cffa674993b6dca4a3
66b9cb2db119ab029ca7b8f71bd06507fca63921 M include

I'm a little surprised, as a ppc64 fix theoretically shouldn't matter for
x86_64? But perhaps they share something?

I hope this is of help,
Helge Hafting
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