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SubjectRe: rc6 keeps hanging and blanking displays where rc4-mm1 works fine.
>> Is there any way to make git tell exactly where between rc4 and rc5
>> each kernel is, so I can name the bzimages accordingly?
> You'd have to use the raw commit names, since these things don't have any
> symbolic names. You can get that by just doing
> cat .git/HEAD

Also, don't name the local version something like
2.6.13-rc6:e63b6d5ac1e17d0d9e5112bd9c0e5f17199b23da otherwise LILO
complains. For example, this bit in lilo.conf


produces when you run lilo:

:BIOS syntax is no longer supported. Please use a DISK section
Fatal: Not a number: "b5e43913cfe95a18ad8929585a0bb58e46cf3390"

So in my kernel tree used for bisections, 'localversion' contains


I don't fully understand when git (doing the checkout that is implict
in git bisect) will overwrite or not overwrite local files, or when it
will create files not in a previous version, or delete files not in a
current version. So, to be sure I'm getting a clean compile from
exactly the source files I want (probably overkill), I use 'git
bisect' to get the SHA1 id's, and then do:

sha1=`cat .git/HEAD`
cg-export $dest $sha1
cp dot-config-to-test $dest/.config
cd $dest
echo "-$sha1" > localversion
# accept defaults for all new config options:
yes "" | make oldconfig
make -j 4 >& compile.log &
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