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SubjectRe: Atyfb questions and issues
last year some time, I have manually the patch from 2.4 to 2.6. my
patch result is the same as 2.4. It only works when bios doesn't do
the init. Then if the BIOS do the init, it will hang there. I assume
something only can be done once.


On 8/15/05, James Simmons <> wrote:
> > james,
> >
> > I remember that xlinit in 2.6 kernel only works when BIOS option-rom
> > really init fb.
> > It can not work if the BIOS option rom is not executed.
> >
> > For 2.4, it reversed, it can not work if BIOS opton-rom is executed.
> > Only work if BIOS don't excute the option rom.
> You are right. The init_from_bios is called on x86 in aty_setup_generic
> before aty_init which calls the biosless initialization. The question is
> what needs to be done to properly fix it?
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