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Subject[-mm PATCH 0/32] fix-up schedule_timeout() usage
Hello Andrew,

Sorry for the lack of a combined To:/Cc: list, but it would have been
excessive if I included everyone (I won't send all of the patches to
LKML, unless there is no other list entry in MAINTAINERS - I think that
is only 9 out of the 32 patches :)

Andrew recently added schedule_timeout_interruptible() and
schedule_timeout_uninterruptible() to the -mm tree, as
schedule_timeout() called without the state set results in an immediate
return; thus, it makes little sense to ever call it that way. Almost all
the kernel invocations of schedule_timeout(), additionally, follow:


Andrew pointed out that creating non-inline wrappers for this common
usage should reduce the kernel size. The following 32 patches (split up
by directory/subsystem) convert the schedule_timeout() callers in
2.6.13-rc5-mm1, where appropriate.

Here's the list of patches as I split them up:

01/32: include/
02/32: fs/
03/32: kernel/
04/32: mm/
05/32: net/
06/32: sound/
07/32: arch/alpha
08/32: arch/i386
09/32: arch/ia64
10/32: arch/m68k
11/32: arch/mips
12/32: arch/ppc
13/32: arch/ppc64
14/32: arch/um
15/32: drivers/acpi
16/32: drivers/block
17/32: drivers/cdrom
18/32: drivers/char
19/32: drivers/dlm
20/32: drivers/net
21/32: drivers/ieee1394
22/32: drivers/isdn
23/32: drivers/macintosh
24/32: drivers/md
25/32: drivers/media
26/32: drivers/message
27/32: drivers/parport
28/32: drivers/sbus
29/32: drivers/scsi
30/32: drivers/serial
31/32: drivers/telephony
32/32: drivers/usb

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