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SubjectRe: SATA status report updated
Mogens Valentin wrote:
> Jeff Garzik wrote:
>> Things in SATA-land have been moving along recently, so I updated the
>> software status report:
> >> Queueing support, NCQ:
> >> #3 will be supported by libata, for all hardware and devices that
> >> support NCQ.
> I guess this means libata support for HW-based NCQ.
> It also could mean software/driver implemented NCQ, which could work on
> chipsets not supporting HW-NCQ in unison with a disk having NCQ?

NCQ by definition -requires- support in the controller chip.

>> Although I have not updated it in several weeks, folks may wish to
>> refer to the hardware status report as well:
> How well does libata work with the newest ULi chipsets?
> If not well, is there a possible timeframe?

No idea. I don't see many bug reports, so I suppose its OK.


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